What do I know about Netball?

What do I know about Netball?

This was the question I asked myself when my now business partner Alison, suggested we look into starting a netball business. Sure like many Australian males, I was dragged to many netball gala days with my younger sister and watched quite a few games on Channel 2 with Anne Sargeant and Vicki Wilson - but I didn't really know about it.

So I jumped head first into it. Went to a few Super Netball games, watched games on TV and even on my phone, listed to a few podcasts and quizzed Alison regularly on the tactics and strategy around the game. I gained an appreciation for the game - it is hard. I gained an appreciation for the players - they are talented and professional. I also gained an appreciation for the community - I don't think I have come across a sport that has so much positivity.

I then started to go to local games. It was here that I truly understood the community and from a business perspective the opportunities that exist. As an outsider to the game of netball, I started asking questions as to why certain things were done, why is this process like this or that - I found myself seeing a number of opportunities to provide solutions for players, administrators and the netball community in general.

With Alison's experience and expertise in netball and my business background we both realised that there is an opportunity to provide something not yet seen in the netball market and this is why we started Unify Netball.

I am looking forward to the journey.