Design with a diamond

Design with a diamond

Create your own unique dress for you and your team, with April Brandley helping you along the way!

The Unify design lab allows you to develop a specific design for your club and then see how it looks in real time on April! Once completed, we will take that design and replicate over to any other items you choose in the order process - and then we create your own Team Store.

Unify has been a revolution for the Connells Point Netball Club. Not only do we now have an extra $5k per year in funds to spend on our club members due to not having to hold large amounts of uniform stock, but we can order each individuals uniform online and have them delivered, individually packed and labelled. So now we are saving significant amounts of money and time, the two most valuable commodities to a volunteer organisation!

Connells Point Netball

We were in the need for a “new look” uniform, that not only looked the part, but was high in quality and would last! We were after a supplier that could fulfil our needs for a total “kit” including jackets, patches, dresses and management uniforms. I can highly recommend Unify Netball. The professionalism of the staff, and the ease of ordering was second to none. The range of options that were put forward to us was amazing!

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