Unify for Season 2020

Hi Unify Team,

We know these are uncertain times at the moment but it also seems that there is some light at the end of the tunnel. With restrictions possibly being lifted as early as next week, we thought it was a good time to start thinking about what the 2020 Netball season may look like.

Whilst the season is definitely delayed, it looks like we will be pulling out our uniforms, dusting off our asics and reminding ourselves how to catch a netball sooner than we may have thought.

Here at Unify, we have been working on fine tuning our systems and processes. We were already an online business, providing clubs and teams with their very own personalised online store, easy to read sizing guides/free sample system, online information and a design lab where you can design with our very own Diamond, April Brandley. We aim to make uniform ordering as easy as possible - and this type of system is needed more than ever now.

We also understand that the 2020 season is up in the air, but wanted to help you by providing an "on standby" system - where our Graphic Designer can do your designs and have your order "on standby" for when the season does commence - so that you're not in a crazy rush to get organised once we find out the starting date.

Please get in touch with me (alison@unifynetball.com.au) to make a start on your order. There are absolutely no upfront fees or even an expectation for you to purchase. We just want to take the stress away from you and know that your order is safely in our hands.

Bonus is, if you decide to proceed with the order, we are still delivering within our 4 week turnaround.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Alison x