Kick Start the New Year! Drill 1.

Happy New Year! 

It can be a tough time to fit everything in this time of year! So, I though it might be helpful to post a drill a day for the next 5 days to get your footwork fitness ready for the 2020 season! Next time you plan on going for a run try adding this one in to sharpen up the footwork.


  • 4 cones (if you don’t have cones be creative)
  • 5x5m space . Optional ball.


  1. Set a square that's 5m by 5m using your markers.
  2. Starting at Point 1
  3. Run forward to Point 2
  4. Side step to Point 3
  5. Run diagonally to 1
  6. At point 1 jump as high as you can
  7. Side step to point 4
  8. Run to 3
  9. Run back at point 1
  10. FINISH
  • 5-15sec rest
  • Rep 3-5reps (2-4 sets)
  • Remember we always want to see the ball (even if its imaginary). So keep those angles sharp!!

If you have a friend, add a ball in. Keep vision up for ball . Don't lose focus on the quality of your movement. Passes can be anywhere so be on your toes ready to snap it in!

Between sets: if you're a shooter put up 20 shots, vary up the distance.

Defender’s practice your 4sec hands over the shot, over an imaginary shooter. (No two holds over a shot can be the same, keep that variety).

Don’t forget warm up/cool down and remember QUALITY QUALITY QUALITY!!

Happy New Year lovers, AB xo