Firstly , Alison and i have been best friend from around the age of 16 playing when we first played netball for the 17&U NSW State Team. Almost over a year ago she shared her vision for the then , "un-named" project.

She talked about creating almost like a one stop shop for all netball related things anything from quality and functional uniform , coaching clinics etc. Hearing and watching her share her ideas , it was almost like i could see the the ideas and passion buzzing out of her. It was a really special moment. 

Having played for many years and wearing ALOT of different uniforms and kits you get an idea of uniform do’s and dont’s, from a practical and performance level but also from a comfort perspective. I also understand the pride of pulling on that uniform you’ve worked so hard to achieve feels like. Ill never forget the moment I was presented with my Australian Diamonds uniform back in 2013, chills.

Ali really wanted to bring elite, professional and quality uniforms to netball, as she was so passionate that's what the sport and its players deserve. Most other sports has get things made to measure and personalised for their team, why can't netball she asked?

She also spoke about coaching clinics and possibly mentoring opportunities for up and coming netballer's, which is something that I'm very passionate about. 

Netball has given me so much. From a young teenager to now an almost 30year old looking back the thing that has impacted me most has been the people I’ve met along the way. 

This is why I'm all about the now named idea,  Unify :)

Being given the opportunity to share a bit of myself through blogs, social media and coaching is scary but very exciting.

All I'm hoping is that I can share something I’ve learnt along the way, to help someone else! I know Ally,  I trust her. Her genuine passion and love for netball and willingness to grow the sport and give back is something we both share.

To be completely honest I'm yet to know what will transfer over into business (I'm not that far out of my playing days) but some things netball has taught me :

1) The joy of working as part of a team to reach success.

2) The work and discipline needed - to be committed to success, especially when no-one is watching!

3) Working with all different people and personalities to reach a common goal.

Don't over think it, just follow your gut!!

For me a uniform that you’ve worked so hard to achieve and get the privilege to wear brings you endless amount of pride. It's not only a significant moment for you, but also to your family and friends who have supported you and given so much to make your dream possible.  

A uniform signifies each players individual journey to get to where they are. Every player and their journey are completely different but the common goal, passion for the game and the pride in their uniform is the thing that ties an unbreakable bond between players. A uniform ties you to its history and all that has come before you. Pulling on a uniform is almost like pulling on a superwoman cape that makes you feel like you can achieve anything and also like you’ve adopted 10 other sisters into your family.

That's what a uniform signifies for me. 

Where do I start!!

  • Netball has taught me that the work you put in will always do the talking.
  • Netball has taught me about the importance of being humble in victory and in defeat.
  • Netball has taught me how much I am addicted to a challenge.
  • Netball has taught me resilience.
  • Netball has shown me the good in the incredible people I have come in contact with along my journey.